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We are an engineering and sciences research corporation, located in the Clear Lake area of southeast Houston, Texas, near the NASA Johnson Space Center.  We provide full service engineering support for spacecraft, aircraft, and transportation system design, analysis, and optimization including: GN&C (guidance, navigation, and control) , orbital mechanics, trajectory design and mission planning, subsonic-hypersonic aerodynamics and aerothermodynamics, CFD (computational fluid dynamics), grid generation, scheduling and dispatching optimization, genetic algorithms, neural networks, and thermodynamics.

Guidance, Navigation, and Control

International Space Station GNC

Mission Design and Analysis

Precision Orbit Determination

Atmospheric Entry

Aerodynamics, Aerothermodynamics, and Computational Fluid Dynamics

Subsonic/Supersonic/Hypersonic Aircraft

On-Orbit Plume Impingement

Ground Vehicle and Structure Aerodynamics

Vehicle Dynamics

a) Oversteer                                                        b) Understeer
Road Vehicle Turning Dynamics


Coordinated Search Optimization

a) find a safe route to Base                                 b) multi-function optimized route

c) animation of optimized path showing instantaneous line-of-sight from the vehicle
(visible in green, hidden in red)

Terestrial and Extra-Terestrial Route Selection Optimization

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